Diagnosis, Prescription, Environmental Program Planning and Biodiversity Management

Through this service we ensure that environmental and social impact (EIA) studies are carried out on all types of projects. We also provide assessment, such as environmental risk analysis and management. We design the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for projects. Through this service, we also develop Action Plans on Biodiversity to reach the NPI (Net Positive Impact). We, Tropical Biodiversity & Social Enterprise, are also designing Endemic and Threatened Species Management Plans


Taking into account the food problem in Madagascar, we have turned to the field of agribusiness since 2018. We have land for the large-scale production of agricultural products, particularly the production of Moringa Oléifera in Manantantely which is also called tree of life is used for its nutritional virtues in plans to fight against malnutrition. Apart from that, we also have a fruit nursery and export crops (coffee, clove, vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, pink pepper, etc.) We also provide technical support to farmers in the agricultural sector in general.

Fish farming

Fish farming is one of the branches of aquaculture. It is used to describe fish farming, both at sea and in fresh water. It is a very promising sector; it offers opportunities to all operators and to all persons concerned by this sector. Currently, fish farming is seen as one of the means of meeting the high consumer demand for fish, while avoiding overfishing and the depletion of fishery resources. Fort-Dauphin, is one of the beneficiaries of the fact that our company specializes in the semi-intensive farming of freshwater fish in this southern part of Madagascar.

With our 12 tanks which have a total surface area of 3000m², we can currently produce up to 1,500kg/production cycle for large fish and 80,000 to 100,000 fingerlings/year. The species bred are focused on three species of Tilapia: Oreochromis niloticus (Mazy), Oreochromis mossambicus (Malemiloha), Tilapia rendalli (Fiambazaha).
In addition to fish production, the fish farming that TBSE carries out is a source of employment for local communities if we only mention the maintenance of the basins, the supply of inputs. TBSE also provides training and supervision on fish farming, in addition it offers guided tours of the station for tourists or schoolchildren.

Research applied to mitigation measures and risk management

Does your activity have environmental impacts but you want to have control over these impacts? Do you have legal or social obligations towards your biological or social environment? We work on the bioremediation of contaminated soils and on the treatment of effluent water by phyto-purification. And we can put this service at your disposal.

Prevention of occupational accidents and diseases

In order to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses we ensure the analysis of risks and the identification of health and safety hazards for industrial or environmental activities. We advise our customers in the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases. We also have the capability to provide team rescue interventions. Let's have in our team of qualified people, we can manage man-crocodile conflicts. Biological risk management is also part of our know-how.

Environmental Management

We provide environmental management with technological tools such as Geographic Information and Cartographic Information Systems (GIS). We also carry out ecological monitoring of the areas concerned. We manage protected areas. We implement Landscape Management and Management Plan (PAG). We also manage priority species, that is, useful, threatened, endemic species ... We also manage invasive and harmful species. The management of terrestrial and aquatic natural resources is also part of our scope of activities. We work actively in ecotourism and the enhancement of biodiversity.

Disturbed areas rehabilitation

In disturbed areas we are working on the stabilization of slopes. We do hydroseeding by hydroseeding steep slopes. We provide large-scale reforestation with fast-growing species.

Environmental Control and Audit

  • We provide audits, reviews but also monitoring of environmental systems or areas
  • We support stakeholders through capacity building and training

Scientific Advocacy, EIC

  • Composed by a scientific team, we make scientific publications
  • We raise environmental awareness and education
  • We organize environmental events

Restoration of ecosystems and habitats

  • We actively restore forest and wetland ecosystems after mining
  • We also ensure the restoration of the population of species listed as threatened (IUCN) by semi-direct or by transplantation
  • We also ensure the treatment and conservation of native and exotic seeds
  • We produce plants in nurseries and ensure the management of top soil and the revegetation of environments

Sustainable Development and Local Content

  • We contribute to the creation of direct and indirect jobs
  • We ensure the development of village nurseries
  • We support and provide services in aquaculture and beekeeping to ensure the income of communities working in the aforementioned sectors
  • We supervise students, apprentices and trainees from different national and international universities
  • We work actively in the field of ecotourism and the enhancement of biodiversity

Production liquid fertilizers

  • To reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, we produce liquid fertilizers based on natural products. It is a purely "ORGANIC" product that serves both to provide nutrients for plants and to treat harmful insects.