Tropical Biodiversity & Social Enterprise

After 20 years with RT QMM, five biologists decided in 2016 to create Tropical Biodiversity & Social Enterprise, a company specializing in environmental management and biodiversity management. With a team composed of biologists with expertise in the environment, fauna and flora of Madagascar and professional technicians, TBSE is specialized in managing the environmental impacts of investments, in the ecological restoration of disturbed ecosystems, in the management of wildlife species and Endemic and / or seriously endangered flora in Madagascar.


Our experience and expertise enable us to offer quality services, on studies and environmental impact management, on biodiversity management, ecological restoration of forests and wetlands, and the enhancement of biodiversity. Finally, "Tropical biodiversity & Social Enterprise" is committed to meet deadlines and total customer satisfaction.


The mission of "Tropical Biodiversity and Social Enterprise" is to contribute to the implementation of investment and the environment. We bring our expertise on the accompaniment of investors for their activities are in harmony with biodiversity. In particular, the company focuses on three priorities: managing the negative impacts of development activities, maximizing positive impacts on biodiversity and protecting the environment.